Disabled Refuge Systems

SigTEL 4 to 224 Line Emergency Voice Communication System (C-TEC)

Disabled Refuge System
  • Ideal for all disabled refuge, fire telephone and stadium marshalling applications 
  • Compact 4, 8 or 16 line wall-mounting master controllers save valuable space in crowded control rooms 
  • Powerful networking facility allows up to 14 master controllers to be interlinked allowing systems of up to 224 lines to be easily implemented
  • New optional ECU-224 desk controller simplifies call handling and makes the system ideal for use in buildings of all sizes
  • Optional anti-tamper enclosures available for controllers located in areas accessible to the public 
  • Wide range of 'Disabled Refuge' (Type B) outstations available in stainless steel or green steel (flush, surface or weatherproof options available) 
  • 'Fire Telephone' (Type A) outstations also available in locking or non-locking red steel cabinets 
  • All outstations offer true duplex speech and can be mixed and matched to suit the application

SigTEL Wiring Overview

NC951 wiring

Type B outstations should be provided in all refuge areas. They should be wall mounted, in an easily accessible, well illuminated and unobstructed position 900mm to 1.2m above the ground. They should allow members of the evacuation team to determine how many disabled people there are, the nature of their disabilities and the refuges in which they are located.


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